jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012


Am so sorry for the few people who follow me , and i've been away with no answer, but recently i had so many personal things and problems, the last thing I remember was using the computer. Well truth is this past few months have been really difficult: I have one of my closest uncle dying of terminal cancer, he is staying in one of the clinics in the country called Clinica Alemana, and so far has sucked so bad, they still can't understand what is really killing him, and recently his actually receiving the same dose of Morphine than an Elephant, and all of the doctors from everyone have seen him, and basically they only assume that it's cancer and terminal. Well I also adopted a little puppy temporarily which was the only good thing that made me had my mind in something else. They found him abandoned with the other brothers and sisters , he was the smallest and the one who needed a home immediately because he had a huge wound on his left side of the leg , they didn't know what happened, only assume it was a dog who bite him. Anyways i brought him home, and the next day i noticed that his wound was infected and i had to operate on him again, well at the end i spend two weeks taking care of not getting infected his wound day and night cuz he was too little. In the end it was a amazing experience to save a life of an animal, now his living with his new family and they love him very much.


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