viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

A day with danny

I took this photos last week, it was a nice day in the park. I met danny when I was 15 in Cuba , she was one younger than me, and she just came from Santiago Chile also, so it was really cute because she came up to me at school and said if i was chilean and since than we became really good friends. We are both diplomatics daughters and travelling around the world. It´s quite fun because now she decided to study in Santiago, because she loves south america. She is originally from Czech Republic. Well i was wearing this nice Zara shirt that i bought last week, i just think the color is so gorgeous and so elegant, and i was wearing this nice skinny jeans from Foster and my mum got me this brown chamois boots . I don´t know were she bought than, but they are so nice and comfy and they look amazing, and they make legs look so longer . Aldo watch that i bought last year, Do it earings very fancy and elegant , and a Zara  jacket.  Well thank you for reading, i will be uploading more Sweden photos, but recently am using my other computer, because the charger of my laptop recently died because am very clumsy and carry it away and never take care of it, so i have to buy a new one haha. Well hope you like this post. Bye Thank you for reading.

                                                                     Catherine Blasco

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