martes, 31 de julio de 2012

Apricot sweater

So uploading all the photos from the trip will be kinda annoying so i decided to upload other pictures, this is today, i was wearing zara skinny blue jeans, zara heels, and this apricot sweater doesn´t have a brand. But is so cute, so in for this season in south america. I just saw it and i loved it so much. So today i went to get a photo for my interview for studying in Buenos Aires, am applying to study fashion design next year, hopefully everything goes right . Am not that nervous but anyways it has to be perfect.  Oh i got this cute earings in Do It is a store in Chile, and everything was 50% off so i bought some stuff there. Also got a cute bag in Aldo that was on sale, it cost like 40 dollars is 20 chilean pesos, so that was really cheap. and thats my day so far. I will show photos on the next post i think, most of the purchases I´ve done this week . Well hope you enjoy this post. Thank you for reading.

Catherine Blasco

domingo, 29 de julio de 2012


When i went to Sweden i actually stayed in my boyfriend hometown called Eskilstuna which is like two hours from Stockholm. This are the first pictures in Stockholm, we actually stayed there for a few hours, because we took a cruise that goes to Finland and comes back to Stockholm. Surprisingly it was the most cheapest thing in the world because it only cost 75 sek , that is only ten dollars! Can you believe that?? We got a small room, i don´t think you can call them room, but it had for beds on the walls and a bathroom. Obviously didn´t include food for that price. But it was actually worth it. I had an amazing time with my boyfriend. I think it was the most romantic moment .  My first impression i have to say, so European, i haven´t been in Europe for years and it was amazing. we walk down a street for of souvenirs places, and lots of restaurant and it was gorgeous.  We also had lunch there in a really nice restaurant , we ate a plate of pasta and a cup white wine i think it cost around 200 Sek ( Swedish Krona ) that aprox like 30 dollars. . Funny thing is that  in Eskilstuna was pretty cold so i was wearing jeans, when i got to Stockholm it was so hot. All i wanted is a pair of shorts. Hahaha but it was fun. I miss it, and i hope to go there next time for winter. This time with lots of money. Because the clothes are amazing . Well hope you like them :) Bye 

                                                            Catherine Blasco

viernes, 27 de julio de 2012


This are some of the stuff i bought in Sweden, also i bought a bracelet, two earings , two pairs of paint one soft pink and mint . But you will see them in the next photos. I really loved the clothes there. All the girls dress amazing. So stunning. The clothes are amazing. The stores , makes you want to buy everything you see. Too bad i didn´t went with enough money, because i arrived for the sales day. So it was kinda hard not wasting all the money on sales. Which they were a great deal.

                                                                 Catherine B.

jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

So am back in Santiago Chile, after an amazing trip to Sweden still can´t stop crying for going back there, I miss my Henrik so much, but hopefully we spend this new years together. It´s been crazy this last few days, so many people i haven´t seen in such a long time. So it´s been nice. No going back to reality and going back to work.

Catherine Blasco

miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012


Estoy en Buenos Aires, esperando el avion a Suecia, muy emocionada!!!!! osea enverdad tengo que hacer un transbordo en Frankfurt alemania! Pero bueno, mañana estaré con mi bebe!!! MUY EMOCIONA!!!

    Estas son algunas fotos de, me moda en SUECIA!!! hhahaha saludos, me voy a dormir , todabia faltan como 4 horas para mi vuelo. Puaj


Catherine Blasco