jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012


I love peter pan trend, I think it makes you look so elegant.

Me encanta la tendencia peter pan, te hace ver tan elegante.

Btw browsing on other blogs just found this awsome girl, with a stunning giveaway. She has an awsome taste also. http://www.inablondeworld.net/2012/09/giveaway-alexander-mcqueen-clutch.html. Check out her blog!

miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

Felices Fiestas Patrias

Bueno un 18 muy differente a lo normal, sin Fondas ni Asados al estilo Chileno, por estar en Paraguay tube que acompanar a mi padre que es el consul de Chile en Asuncion del Paraguay a una cena que se hacia por la embajada a algunas personas de la comunidad Chilena, fue bastante bonito. En una de las fotos se puede visualizar mi papa dando su super speech pero no puedo reclamar, porque a la hora de hablar  usa palabras hermosa. Bueno en una de las fotos tambien salen las chicas de Paraguay que se homenajearon con su Baile tipico . Y tambien obviamente la cueca. Bueno el vestido que use es la tela mas rica del mundo, no es un vestido ajustado porque me gusta siempre usar algo para que acentue mi cuerpo, cambie completamente y tome el riesgo es un vestido super sensillo pero el color le da tanta elegancia y con unos aritos de brillo chico y la pulsera me sentia super bien. Preferi ir sensilla y elegante.Besitos

jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

Skinny mint Jeans

Today i went to have lunch with my parents to Medialunas Calentitas. Am going to try on my next post to start having a translation in Spanish, but my Spanish writing is worst than anything in the world, even though am a native. Sometimes phrases and things come out for me in English than Spanish. Anyways i love this look i put on today it was fresh and colorful. I was wearing this nice mint skinny jeans i bought in Sweden in Zara, Gina Tricot blue white stripes shirt, purse from Amphora. Necklace Do it. Gold bracelet Gina Tricot. And this shoes i bought them somewhere in the Centro of Santiago , they were on sale, and they cost me only 20 dollars, and they are so amazingly comfortable.


miércoles, 12 de septiembre de 2012

A nice day with Henrik´s family

This photo´s are from Kvicksund a place near Eskilstuna, the town i was staying in , they owned their summer houses there , and is so much fun, we had bbq with the family, and ride motorboat to one house to another , it was so much fun that day! =)

martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012


Here are the rest of the photos i have from Sweden , let's just call it Sweden 2.0

This was the best trip I ever took in my life, money well spent. I remember everything like it was yesterday, i can even smell everything. I miss Henke so much. everything was so amazing with him, he acted like a prince . Also we went on a SHIP hahaha, yeah is more like a ferry , that carries people from Sweden to Finland. But it only cost like 10 dollars hahaha so yeah it was the cheapest thing we found in Sweden but still awsome, you got you're own room with , you're own bathroom . 

Well in this photos am wearing a vintage Shirt i found o a flee market, Topshop shorts and the booties and the bag are from Azaleia Chile , they were on sale before i left, i had to have a pair of those booties, i mean they look great with everything, a pair of shorts, a nice cute dress, or even skinny jeans. 

Well got to go, I'll post more photos later ... see ya . Hope you like the photos, and if sometimes reply back so late, am so sorry, am in Paraguay now, and Internet is really crappy here. I mean Really like when it just began hahaha.  Ciao

                                                    Cathy . B

jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012


Am so sorry for the few people who follow me , and i've been away with no answer, but recently i had so many personal things and problems, the last thing I remember was using the computer. Well truth is this past few months have been really difficult: I have one of my closest uncle dying of terminal cancer, he is staying in one of the clinics in the country called Clinica Alemana, and so far has sucked so bad, they still can't understand what is really killing him, and recently his actually receiving the same dose of Morphine than an Elephant, and all of the doctors from everyone have seen him, and basically they only assume that it's cancer and terminal. Well I also adopted a little puppy temporarily which was the only good thing that made me had my mind in something else. They found him abandoned with the other brothers and sisters , he was the smallest and the one who needed a home immediately because he had a huge wound on his left side of the leg , they didn't know what happened, only assume it was a dog who bite him. Anyways i brought him home, and the next day i noticed that his wound was infected and i had to operate on him again, well at the end i spend two weeks taking care of not getting infected his wound day and night cuz he was too little. In the end it was a amazing experience to save a life of an animal, now his living with his new family and they love him very much.


viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

A day with danny

I took this photos last week, it was a nice day in the park. I met danny when I was 15 in Cuba , she was one younger than me, and she just came from Santiago Chile also, so it was really cute because she came up to me at school and said if i was chilean and since than we became really good friends. We are both diplomatics daughters and travelling around the world. It´s quite fun because now she decided to study in Santiago, because she loves south america. She is originally from Czech Republic. Well i was wearing this nice Zara shirt that i bought last week, i just think the color is so gorgeous and so elegant, and i was wearing this nice skinny jeans from Foster and my mum got me this brown chamois boots . I don´t know were she bought than, but they are so nice and comfy and they look amazing, and they make legs look so longer . Aldo watch that i bought last year, Do it earings very fancy and elegant , and a Zara  jacket.  Well thank you for reading, i will be uploading more Sweden photos, but recently am using my other computer, because the charger of my laptop recently died because am very clumsy and carry it away and never take care of it, so i have to buy a new one haha. Well hope you like this post. Bye Thank you for reading.

                                                                     Catherine Blasco