martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012


Here are the rest of the photos i have from Sweden , let's just call it Sweden 2.0

This was the best trip I ever took in my life, money well spent. I remember everything like it was yesterday, i can even smell everything. I miss Henke so much. everything was so amazing with him, he acted like a prince . Also we went on a SHIP hahaha, yeah is more like a ferry , that carries people from Sweden to Finland. But it only cost like 10 dollars hahaha so yeah it was the cheapest thing we found in Sweden but still awsome, you got you're own room with , you're own bathroom . 

Well in this photos am wearing a vintage Shirt i found o a flee market, Topshop shorts and the booties and the bag are from Azaleia Chile , they were on sale before i left, i had to have a pair of those booties, i mean they look great with everything, a pair of shorts, a nice cute dress, or even skinny jeans. 

Well got to go, I'll post more photos later ... see ya . Hope you like the photos, and if sometimes reply back so late, am so sorry, am in Paraguay now, and Internet is really crappy here. I mean Really like when it just began hahaha.  Ciao

                                                    Cathy . B

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