martes, 31 de julio de 2012

Apricot sweater

So uploading all the photos from the trip will be kinda annoying so i decided to upload other pictures, this is today, i was wearing zara skinny blue jeans, zara heels, and this apricot sweater doesn´t have a brand. But is so cute, so in for this season in south america. I just saw it and i loved it so much. So today i went to get a photo for my interview for studying in Buenos Aires, am applying to study fashion design next year, hopefully everything goes right . Am not that nervous but anyways it has to be perfect.  Oh i got this cute earings in Do It is a store in Chile, and everything was 50% off so i bought some stuff there. Also got a cute bag in Aldo that was on sale, it cost like 40 dollars is 20 chilean pesos, so that was really cheap. and thats my day so far. I will show photos on the next post i think, most of the purchases I´ve done this week . Well hope you enjoy this post. Thank you for reading.

Catherine Blasco

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