domingo, 29 de julio de 2012


When i went to Sweden i actually stayed in my boyfriend hometown called Eskilstuna which is like two hours from Stockholm. This are the first pictures in Stockholm, we actually stayed there for a few hours, because we took a cruise that goes to Finland and comes back to Stockholm. Surprisingly it was the most cheapest thing in the world because it only cost 75 sek , that is only ten dollars! Can you believe that?? We got a small room, i don´t think you can call them room, but it had for beds on the walls and a bathroom. Obviously didn´t include food for that price. But it was actually worth it. I had an amazing time with my boyfriend. I think it was the most romantic moment .  My first impression i have to say, so European, i haven´t been in Europe for years and it was amazing. we walk down a street for of souvenirs places, and lots of restaurant and it was gorgeous.  We also had lunch there in a really nice restaurant , we ate a plate of pasta and a cup white wine i think it cost around 200 Sek ( Swedish Krona ) that aprox like 30 dollars. . Funny thing is that  in Eskilstuna was pretty cold so i was wearing jeans, when i got to Stockholm it was so hot. All i wanted is a pair of shorts. Hahaha but it was fun. I miss it, and i hope to go there next time for winter. This time with lots of money. Because the clothes are amazing . Well hope you like them :) Bye 

                                                            Catherine Blasco

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