miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012

Hey guys!

Hello my name is Catherine people call me Cathy. Am from Santiago Chile but most of my live i have never lived in Chile, only just now for studies. My family is diplomatic and we travel around the world since i was 3 years old. I have lived in many countries like Italy, United States, Cuba and Paraguay and also visited so many others. Right now like i have mentioned before am currently living in Santiago because i have started studying commercial . engineers.

Well i have decided to start a blog because am person who has a very strong opinions about many things, so were to write about everything you like and adore??? So i decided to share some of my travels , taste in fashion , photography arts in this little spot in the internet. Am also gladly to hear about your thoughts and i will be very happy to hear your opinion about things i like too or probably things you like also.

Am new in this so i hope i can do the best i can to make it an interesting blog for you guys!!! Bye

3 comentarios:

  1. blog nuevo :) que bueno desde hoy mismo te sigo <3

  2. Hola!!!
    Qué entrete! Blog nuevo para seguir :)
    Lindas fotos, en especial, me encantó la penultima, muy linda la blusa y los zapatos!


  3. Welcome to the blogosphere!



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