lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012


Hello again am so sorry i coudn´t find a time to write, but tragically i have been working so much the past few weeks, anyways this photos were taken in Providencia , my friend Lucas took them, i think they were gorgeous and i wanted to share them with you guys, i was in the mood for a normal classy way.

Really good news I have been earning enough money to buy my ticket to Sweden so hopefully i can go in July to see Henrik because i miss him so much, is hard to have a relationship in a long distance most of the people they tell me am crazy it just doesn´t work, basically i know that i already had one and it hurts, but right now am so used to it, and am so happy with him, and everytime i see him is like falling in love with again so am so happy and i can´t explain it =)

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  1. Es dificil tener una relación a distancia pero no imposible. Yo tuve la mía, y hoy estamos juntos de lo más felices!

    Y a trabajar se ha dicho por los sueños!


  2. Love the blog - so maybe we can follow each others blog!? ;)

  3. I've been six -almost seven- long years in a long-distance relationship and it has been the most amazing experience ever but like everything with its ups and downs. Now I'm currently living with my boyfriend and I can't say I regret! We love each other so much, it's just so worth it.
    So I totally get what you mean :)


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