jueves, 8 de marzo de 2012

Blue skinny pants

Well today was a really interesting morning, i woke up and had to run down to the an agency so i can get a job, because am try to earn money to go to Sweden to see the most wonderful person in this world. I know Sweden??? haha so i had to run down and take some photos , good news is that tomorrow i got i job so am happy . After that i went home and my mummy made me nice italian food. I love italian food is the best , it´s my favorite and i could just eat it all day. And afterwards i went to my friends house . Franny where i took this photos. we had a nice time catching up cuz i haven´t seen her for ages!!.

Well i love everything i was wearing but i think it got really hot outside today so i started having second thoughts i should have used a dress hahaha! Anyways , i bought this beautiful blue skinny pants in Zara for 22 CLP ( Chilean pesos) is apron like 44 dollars i think. But they are nice, they got straight to my waist and they fell really comfortable. they also have this zipper on the side . Which i though it was really cute. They are not jeans but the silk is really nice and makes you looks amazing. Next i put on a black shirt from Topshop , It cost i think 6 CLP like 12 dollars , and i just wanted to use something i was comfortable on top. And the shoes i got them in a place in the Centro, i have to say they are the best hills i have ever bought i could just walked with them everywhere . They are just amazing. The soft cream color . Like skin color is gorgeous and also they are so comfortable. So basically they are just amazing. And the Greenfield bag that my aunt got for me in Christmas.

Well hope you like it !


3 comentarios:

  1. Me encantaron tus zapatos y tu cartera, realmente hermosos!!!

    Ufff la comida italiana es adictiva jajaja.


  2. Love the wedges!
    Hope you will visit my blog and let me know your opinion =)

  3. Deberías escribir en español también, porfis! jeje
    Me encanto tu pelo, tus fotografías son muy alegres, pero aquí del que me enamore es de tus pantalones! me encanto el color!!



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